Information Library

Information Library

In this section of the site, we have attempted to provide selection of current and historic information relevant to Labour Intensive, Labour Enhanced and Labour Based Construction that is derived from a range of sources including government and academic as well as internationally from the leading authorities in the field. The information provided  is not intended to be exhaustive and is made without any warranty. It is recommended that the reader contacts the author of any article to verify the contents and establish its relevance to their research. All articles reproduced here are (to the best of our knowledge) done so in full and are freely available on the world wibe web, it should also be noted that they may also be subject to copyright.

CIDB (The Construction Industry Development Board – South Africa)

TRH (Technical Recommendations for Highways)

South African Department of Public Works/EPWP (Expanded Public Works Programme)

ILO (The Internation Labour Organisation)

SABITA (The South African Bitumen Association)

Transport Research Laboratory (UK)

Kwazulu Natal – Department of Transport

Republic of Tanzania

Republic of Zambia


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