Application Procedure

For a an easy to follow view of the application process have a look at our Labour Intensive Asphalt Construction page, alternatively for a schematic diagram see the page on Labour Based Asphalt Tasks.

Labour Based Insitu-Asphalt Application

Site Preparation

  • The road surface should be firm, well compacted and swept free of loose material.
  • A prime or tack coat can be applied if specified or required.

Insitu-Asphalt product preparation

  • Adjust the size of the buckets to hold the correct volumes of crusher sand, roadstone and bitumen emulsion for the Insitu-Asphalt mix.
  • Place the bags of Insitu-Asphalt filler at regular intervals along the length of the surface to be sealed.
  • Place the required quantity of crusher sand and roadstone next to each bag of Insitu-Asphalt filler.
  • Mix the crusher sand, roadstone and Insitu-Asphalt filler thoroughly.
  • Add the required quantity of bitumen emulsion to each stockpile and mix thoroughly.
  • If the prepared mix is not to be placed immediately, cover with the empty bag and/or water lightly.

Note: Should it be necessary to improve the workability of the mix, add water until the required consistency is achieved.

Insitu-Asphalt Product application

  • Place thickness guides (30 mm loose placed material for a nominal 25 mm compacted seal).
  • Lightly water the base sweeping off any free standing water (no prime is required).
  • Spread the prepared Insitu-Asphalt mix and level to the required thickness.
  • Lightly apply water to the surface of the levelled Insitu-Asphalt mix.
  • Compact the area by roller with 2 to 3 passes using vibration (water the drums to assist with sticking of material).
  • If required lightly water the compacted area again and roll again with 2 to 4 passes without vibration.
  • Once the surface becomes saturated with brown liquid, sufficient water and compaction has been applied.

Note: If a greater labour input is required, the road surface can be compacted by hand, using hand tampers. If this is done, however, greater attention should be paid to the quality of the compaction and the densities achieved.

Traffic control

Insitu-Asphalt can be opened to traffic within a few hours. However, speed should be reduced for the first 24 hours. Full strength will only be achieved once all the water used has evaporated.

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