Labour Intensive Construction


Adjust the size of the containers or buckets to hold the correct volumes of crusher sand, roadstone and bitumen emulsion for the final Insitu-Asphalt mix.

Measure The Aggregates and Bitumen

Load the measured crusher sand, roadstone and bags of Insitu-Asphalt filler into wheel barrows for transportation to the road.

Transport The Materials To The Road

Place the bags of Insitu-Asphalt filler the correct distance apart for the area to be covered by the seal and place the measured crusher sand and road stone alongside.

Place The  Materials

Mix the crusher sand, roadstone and Insitu-Asphalt filler thoroughly.

Mixing The Materials

Add the required quantity of bitumen emulsion to each mixed stockpile and mix thoroughly.

Adding The Bitumen Emulsion

When thoroughly mixed the final Insitu-Asphalt will look like this.

The Mixed Asphalt

Place the thickness guides.

Place The Thickness Guides

Apply water lightly to the base, sweeping off any freestanding water immediately (no prime is required).

Sweep Then Lightly Water The Base

Spread the prepared Insitu-Asphalt mix within the guides.

Spread The Asphalt

Level the Insitu-Asphalt mix to the required loose depth.

Level The Asphalt

Lightly apply water and compact the area by roller with 2 to 3 passes using vibration (water the drums of the roller to assist with sticking of material).

Compact The Asphalt

Lightly water the compacted area again if required and continue rolling with 2 to 4 passes without vibration. Once the surface becomes saturated with a brown liquid sufficient water and compaction has been applied.

Final Compaction Of The Asphalt

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