Task Outlines

Suggested Labour Based Task Outlines for Insitu-Asphalt (+/- 350 m2 / day output)

Insitu-Asphalt Labour Intensive Task Outlines

Task Workers Activity
Supervision 2 Check quality and maintain production rate
Materials Supply & Mix 10 Mix the measured aggregate Insitu-Asphalt Filler and Bitumen Emulsion
Thickness guides & Setting out 2 Setting out of the road and the thickness guides
Spread and levelling of final mix 4 Place and roughly level Insitu-Asphalt
Compaction 2 Compact the asphalt road surface + Water
Traffic Control Maintain safe traffic flows
Materials Stockpile Supply correct quantities of Insitu-Asphalt filler and aggregates
Materials Supply Move materials to work area
Bitumen Emulsion Supply Supply correct quantities of bitumen emulsion
Sweeping and watering Clean road surface, and  apply water and brush surface
Final Level Adjust final level of the Insitu-Asphalt
Compaction Water Water the levelled Instu-Asphalt and the compactor drums

Note: The above is an indication only as workers’ tasks will vary during the day to best meet the output needs of the team.

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