Pothole Procedure

Introduction to  Pothole Repairs with Insitu-Asphalt

Insitu-Asphalt is a formulated mixture of inert fillers, bitumen extenders and binder enhancers designed to be blended with selected aggregates and water based bituminous emulsion in the manufacture of asphalt for general road surfacing and repair. The final Insitu-Asphalt mix is designed (dependant on the final layer thickness required) to conform to TRH 8 specifications for ‘fine or medium continuously graded asphalt’.

Insitu-Asphalt Mix Preparation

  • Mix the required quantity of Insitu-Asphlat filler, crusher sand and roadstone.
  • Add the required quantity of bituminous emulsion and mix thoroughly.

Note: If it is necessary to improve the workability of the mix, add water until the required consistency is achieved.

Approximate Insitu-Asphalt Mix Coverage Guide

Final thickness (mm) Loose depth (mm) Insitu-Asphalt mix (kg/m2) Yield per mt/m2
30 35 60 17
25 30 50 20
20 25 40 25
15 20 30 33

Dependent on the smoothness of the road base surface, 50kg of final asphalt mix can yield 1 m2 at 25 mm thickness. Where uneven or coarse bases are encountered, additional Insitu-Asphalt should be allowed for.

Application of Insitu-Asphalt

Site Preparation

  • The pothole should be squared off using a pick and spade or mechanical cutter.
  • Ensure the base surface area of the pothole is firm, well-compacted and free of loose material.
  • For potholes deeper than 30 mm, fill with crusher run (or equivalent) to within 30 mm of the road surface and compact using a hand tamper or suitable mechanical compactor.
  • If desired, the crusher run or fill can be stabilised with cement.

Insitu-Asphalt Product Application

  • Slightly dampen the surface and edges of the pothole with water or alternatively a prime or tack coat can be applied if specified or required.
  • Place the prepared Insitu-Asphalt mix into the pothole allowing a 20 mm overlap to the edges of the pothole and a thickness of not less than 5 mm above the surface of the surrounding road.
  • Level the Insitu-Asphalt evenly to ensure a smooth finish with good riding characteristics.
  • Lightly apply water to the surface of the levelled Insitu-Asphalt mix.
  • Compact the area using a hand tamper or with a suitable pedestrian roller (water the tamper/roller drums to assist with sticking of material).
  • Once the surface is saturated with brown liquid, sufficient water and compaction has been applied.
Traffic control

  • Insitu-Asphalt pothole repairs can be opened to traffic immediately unless rain is expected.

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